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Khyal Arts delivers visually stunning, culturally rich performances that engage, entertain and inspire.

Carefully curated, our performances blend  the traditions of classical Indian and folk dance with Bollywood and more modern western forms such as street dance.

Forward-thinking companies such as Johnson & Johnson, PwC and Santander are opening up their supply chains to the UK’s 70,000 social enterprises. Since businesses receive the same quality of goods and services but with a clear benefit to society –  a strong statement of responsible business - it’s a win-win for businesses, social enterprises and for society as a whole.         

Our testimonials say it all:

“...energetic and fun... Khyal Arts is super professional!”   
~ Prina Mandavia, Salesforce

”...In a tense period, end of quarter, the dancing
took away our stress!”               
~ Nikhil Kulkarn, Salesforce

” was a pleasure working with Khyal Arts...
it was brilliant!”                           
 ~ Laura Goss, Salesforce

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Khyal Arts is committed to providing first class entertainment for events...

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Top three reasons to book Khyal Arts:

1. Our clients have been amazed how quickly guests get involved and it livens up the event. Khyal Arts' Bollywood workshops are particularly great for bringing people together, irrespective of ability. Our top quality performers promote an interactive environment, put people at ease, get people laughing; all for a truly memorable event.


2. Easy off-the-shelf yet flexible packages that can be tailored to suit your needs and your budget.


3. Khyal Arts is dedicated to solution-focused communication and customer service; perfect for a supportive, stress free lead up to your event.


Contact us today to ensure that your next event or team-building workshop will be a great success!