Khyal Arts at the Cutting Edge

I have a confession to make...

The task of writing a blog has been high on the priorities list for quite some time now but simply hasn't materialised... overshadowed by competing deadlines and stringent time frames. Until now!

You see, Khyal Arts is a frantically busy place; and a single project manager who is all things to all people can usually be found, notepad in hand, recovering breath after another magnanimous meeting or eyes glued to a screen where the social media advice displayed promises that Khyal Arts can take over the world in just a few short clicks.

Not that Khyal Arts wants to take over the world, but you get the picture...!

Meanwhile, in another part of the world, a new, exciting fusion of Indian and Caribbean dance forms is sweeping the fitness world.

And so, when Chutney Soca is launched in London this October, dance and fitness enthusiasts will certainly have reason to work up a sweat, just as they do in Canada where this exciting fitness class fashioned of Indian dance and Caribbean social dance is creating a storm.

Not only that;  instructors can train to join a pool of Chutney Soca teachers, and free classes will be offered to a school for children with severe disabilities, as a way of giving back to the community.

With this vivacious new way of putting the fun into fitness, and its associated ripple effects, there is newfound inspiration for Khyal Arts to start the (Gym) Ball rolling - see what I did there? - with a brand new blog.

In the past, Khyal Arts has safely stayed with traditional Kathak Dance, or fused Indian arts with those of Western forms. Fuse It, for instance, is a combination of Indian vocals, Tabla drumming and Beat-boxing.

But Chutney Soca is an irresistibly exciting prospect for many reasons; the spiciest (sorry!) of which being the rich history that connects Caribbean with Indian subcontinent. So irresistible, it seems, that a local Caribbean restaurant recommended by Time Out, will sponsor the class.

Spicier still, Notting Hill Carnival organisers are interested in featuring Chutney Soca in 2017 and the ears of gym managers have pricked up on hearing about it.

It looks as though Khyal Arts' patrons have an exciting 12 months ahead...

...and a busy project manager now has inspiration to continue the momentum of regular blog posts.

Watch this space...