New Youth Music Project in Walthamstow...

"FuseIT" - Beatboxing meets Classical Indian Music"

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We are currently in the process of seeking funding from Youth Music, to run this project again after a successful youth music project in partnership with The (award-winning) Soul Project Youth Space, 245 Wood St, Walthamstow. 

FuseIT is an exciting opportunity for a group of 11 to 18 year olds to engage in exciting and innovative, music-making activities underpinned by an ethos of creativity, expressiveness and  teamwork. Classical Indian music with a twist, this project fuses tradition and future. Along with the opportunity to learn traditional vocal music, the group will compose a piece that combines table-drumming and beat boxing.

Think Nitin Sawhney!

The young people receive mentorship by the tutors through the course of the activities, ultimately leading to a sharing plus a further project where the young people are supported to deliver performances in conjunction with local organisations and beyond.


Project Aims:

1. Increase young people's love of music as well as their skills in music­-making, performance and team working through structured and unstructured music-­making.

2. Improve communication skills and empathy of all participants as well as developing transferable skills towards future vocational training or working towards becoming a musician.

Each professional musician will each work with a group of young people and the three groups will work in a collaborative way... and there is the possibility of collaborating with a brilliant Sitarist who would also be working with a small group of young people. Finally, there will be a performance outcome or a sharing of the work that the young people have created during the project.

We will also work with Waltham Forest Young Advisors who will act as youth consultants as they have on a previous youth project run by Khyal Arts.

Starting October / November 2015 

If you know any young people that are interested in joining, please contact us by email: 


Heritage Project

This project, made possible with generous support from Heritage Lottery Fund, has now ended, but Oral Histories can be accessed at Vestry House Museum and our Walthamstow heritage film can be seen here.

This film was made possible with support from Heritage Lottery Fund.

Thanks to Heritage Lottery Fund for supporting us and making it possible to carry out this project.

Thanks to Heritage Lottery Fund for supporting us and making it possible to carry out this project.

The heritage project consisted of these three strands:

  • Personal Stories: The collection of personal stories will stem from the memories and experiences of Pakistani men and women who arrived in the U.K. during the 1960s and the difficulties that they faced settling into their new home, whilst keeping their traditions and heritage in place?

  • Family: Often an individual would move to UK and lay foundations for family members to follow on; questions will explore the consequences and emotional aspects of this? What was the biggest challenge about leaving the family behind? How were families affected by this?

  • Community: Questions will be designed that explore the process of finding work and the types of work available, as well as the discrimination and prejudice faced. We will ask how this was overcome, about involvement in the struggle for equal rights and how lives were affected by the Commonwealth Immigration Act 1962.


The 1960s decade was chosen for three key reasons:

  1. Connection with Libraries’ program Waltham Forest is 50;

  2. Commonwealth Immigration Act, 1962;

  3. The increased level of immigration at this time.