Khyal Arts is a local Walthamstow non-profit making organisation, working to create community cohesion based on the arts and culture of North India. 

Khyal Arts provides a brilliant Bollywood and hip hop dance club for that simultaneously promotes health, fitness and cultural cohesion. Contact us today so that your school may reap the benefits that other Waltham Forest Schools have...

such as an after school club at Mayville that has been oversubscribed:

"We are very happy with the quality of the teaching. Feedback from the children has also been good to the point where we are still having children ask if they can join."
-- Nicky Sandhu, Club Coordinator

Khyal Arts offers two clubs, one pitched at Reception and KS1 children; the other pitched at children in KS2 with a maximum of 25 children per tutor.Finally, Khyal Arts will work towards a performance for a sharing assembly where parents can be invited to see the performance outcomes of the after school club and the workthat their children have been doing during the term.

Khyal Arts’ activities are always underpinned by an ethos of empowerment, leadership and supporting children and communities through the arts.


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Why Khyal Arts?

Grounded in its ethos of uniting communities, Khyal Arts’ portfolio of north Indian dance and music activities incorporate both eastern and western forms with a view to both increasing participation in arts and culture across the borough’s diverse and changing population whilst promoting understanding, interaction and cohesion between the diverse cultural groups in the Waltham Forest borough.

In addition to recent performances at William Morris Gallery and the Waltham Forest Diwali Event at the Town Hall, our activities consist of a Bollywood /Street Dance fitness fusion called BollyFusion, Kathak, a vibrant and colourful classical Indian dance form and classical Indian music and singing. 

Alongside its community work, Khyal Arts offers workshops and after school clubs to schools providing a high quality service, based on the theme of sharing Indian culture, as part of their cultural offer to young people.


Charlie Hare, Resident Musician

Charlie Hare has, for over 20 years, trained in classical Indian music with the well-known Bengali musician Mahmood Rahman (Khyal Arts’ patron). 

Charlie has, for over 20 years, trained in classical Indian music with the well-known Bengali musician Mahmood Rahman (Khyal Arts’ patron). He has travelled to Bangladesh and experienced, first hand, playing Indian instruments such as the Tabla.




Vanessa is enthralled by Indian Arts and culture and is a enthusiastic advocate of Khyal Arts’ work. Despite not being of an Indian background, Vanessa is passionate about Indian Arts and Culture and is keen to promote the concepts of diversity and culture in the Waltham Forest community.

An artist in her own right, Vanessa is currently developing an artistic work as a choreographer and has performed extensively. Vanessa grew up in Walthamstow, and attended Walthamstow School for girls many years ago...



Radhika Patel, Project Assistant

Radhika, originally from Leicester, had set up Khyal Arts whilst living in Walthamstow. She had set her mind to developing Khyal Arts before a difficult decision befell her and she was faced with leaving the organisation to return to her studies. 

Having now completed her Master’s Degree at SOAS, London, at the age of 24, she is quite the activist, and with innovative ideas and a strong voice she is destined to work within political sphere. 

Radhika is delighted that the heritage project is taking shape and is very excited about the prospect of, once again, working with Khyal Arts.